Welcoming the Changing Seasons, Adhiwangsa Hotel Offers Barbecue and Unique Mouthwatering Dishes

Dining at a hotel with friends or colleagues, or even having a barbecue party, is one of the enjoyable activities you can do after work. Not only does it fill your stomach, but savoring various delicious dishes while chatting with friends also helps to relieve the stress from a pile of work.

For those of you looking for a dining spot to unwind after work, visiting Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention Solo could be a suitable choice.

Specifically, at the outdoor Teras Rasa located poolside, you can try the Barbecue Night Market promotion, offering a variety of grilled meat dishes, commonly known as barbecue.

The menu includes Marinated Grilled Beef, Chicken Prawn, Pan Grilled Dory, Roasted Chicken, and much more. The fresh meats are marinated with rich, flavorful seasonings.

The barbecue menu at Adhiwangsa Hotel features meats that are very tender and juicy when enjoyed. The taste is further enhanced as the meats are grilled only upon order, ensuring they are always served hot.

In addition to the barbecue, there are also unique and appetizing dishes like Pumpkin Soup, Chicken Shashlik, and Sate Lilit. For dessert after enjoying the various grilled meats, don’t forget to try the sweet treats such as Sliced Cake, Assorted Pudding Fla, and refreshing fruits.

The Barbecue Night Market venue is packed with hundreds of visitors. The evening atmosphere by the pool, accompanied by acoustic music, certainly adds to the warm and special ambiance.

“We are very grateful that tonight’s event is very crowded and the visitors enjoy all the special dishes we have prepared for the Barbecue Night Market. We are very happy if the visitors are satisfied,” said Agung Tri Budi Santoso, General Manager of Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention Solo, on Thursday, May 30, 2024.

Agung hopes to hold the Barbecue Night Market party again in the coming months.

Dewa Satria Nur Pratama, Director of Sales Marketing, said, “We hope this barbecue dinner celebration can become a harmonious moment of togetherness between the guests and hotel staff. We hope this event strengthens relationships and creates beautiful memories that will always be remembered. We plan to make this kind of event a regular occurrence in the future.”

Adhiwangsa Hotel is gearing up for an exciting competition for children

The anticipation builds as Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention Solo prepares to host a thrilling swimming competition. The Apsara Swimming Pool transforms into the venue for the Kids Competition, themed ‘Kids Fun Swim’, in collaboration with the Pepak Swimming Club.

With the event scheduled for the afternoon, the atmosphere is buzzing with excitement as 25 children, aged up to 10 years old, participate in various activities including Ring Dive and Water Polo. The children are enthusiastic and eager, thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the Swim Competition.

Opening the Kids Fun Swim is Agung Tri Budi Santoso, the General Manager of Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention Solo, followed by the emcee and organizing committee. The competition progresses smoothly, with the Apsara Swimming Pool bustling with parents cheering on their children.

Expressing hopes for the event’s impact, Dewa Satria Nur Pratama, Director of Sales Marketing, emphasizes the importance of providing healthy competition opportunities and enhancing facilities to cater to the needs of children, solidifying Adhiwangsa’s reputation as a child-friendly hotel in Solo.

Ayla Pertiwi, Public Relations of Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention Solo, shares aspirations of fostering a generation of talented and resilient children, hoping that the Swim Competition will serve as a memorable experience for the participants, with plans for future kids’ activities.

In addition to the competition, Adhiwangsa Hotel Solo announces a special promotion for June, titled ‘Splash and Play’, featuring a series of Kids Activities held every Saturday. For more information and updates on promotions, visit Adhiwangsa Hotel Solo’s Instagram page @adhiwangsahotelsolo or contact their fast response hotline at 0877-7701-4999.

With initiatives like these, Adhiwangsa Hotel continues to prioritize the well-being and enjoyment of its young guests, creating unforgettable experiences and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for children in Solo.

Customer Review Award from Agoda

Surakarta, April 6, 2024 – Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention is proud to announce that it has received a prestigious award from agoda.com. Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention has been honored with the “Agoda Customer Review Award 2023” with a remarkable review score of 8.7. This award from Agoda.com is a distinguished recognition bestowed upon hotels and accommodations partnered with Agoda.com.

Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention has achieved a commendable score based on reviews and feedback from guests who have stayed or booked rooms through the online accommodation booking portal. This achievement serves as evidence that as a newcomer in the accommodation provider sector in Surakarta, Adhiwangsa Hotel has delivered exceptional service, ensuring that guests are highly satisfied with the facilities and services provided.

Agung Tri Budi Santoso, General Manager of Adhiwangsa Hotel, expressed, “This achievement is also a result of the dedication and spirit of the team in serving guests to ensure their comfort and safety during their stay at Adhiwangsa Hotel Solo.”

Located in the heart of Surakarta, Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention Solo stands proudly at Jl. Adisucipto No 146, Laweyan, Surakarta. As a four-star hotel with a semi-resort ambiance in Solo City, Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention is strategically positioned, making it an ideal choice for travelers who wish to explore the main tourist destinations in Surakarta, Indonesia. Its proximity to famous attractions such as Manahan Stadium, Edutorium UMS, Adi Soemarmo Airport, JIH Surakarta Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Solo Safari, Ngarsopuro, Mangkunegaran Palace, Surakarta Kasunanan Palace, and other tourist destinations further enhances its appeal.

Dewa Satria Nur Pratama, Director of Sales Marketing, highlighted the Promo Best Price Guarantee, ensuring the best room rates when booking through Adhiwangsa Hotel’s website www.adhiwangsahotels.com The website also features updated promotions and programs. For further information, please contact (0271) 7464 999, 0877 7701 4999, or follow Instagram @adhiwangsahotelsolo. Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention Solo, The Hidden Beauty. Let’s Go to Solo, Let’s Go to Adhiwangsa!

Traveller Choice Awards Winner 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention Solo has been honored with the prestigious ‘Traveller Choice Awards Winner 2024’ by TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor, renowned for its comprehensive travel recommendations and reviews, recognizes businesses that consistently receive outstanding reviews from travelers worldwide. This recognition reflects the high level of guest satisfaction with the facilities and services we offer, motivating us to continually enhance customer satisfaction.

Dwi Alexaputra, Front Office Manager, expressed his gratitude, stating, “In this modern era, it is no easy feat to receive an award from an internationally acclaimed review platform like TripAdvisor, given the intense competition among accommodations and hotel properties today. We are deeply honored and proud of this recognition, which is a testament to the cohesive teamwork and dedication of our entire staff in maintaining the trust of all our guests to date. We hope to continue this success in the future.”

Furthermore, Dewa Satria Nur Pratama, Director of Sales Marketing, emphasized the significance of this award, highlighting the hotel’s commitment to providing satisfactory service and unforgettable experiences to all guests. He remarked, “This award is meaningful to us as it signifies the ongoing trust of our guests in providing satisfactory service and unforgettable experiences. It is a result of the hard work and dedication of the entire Adhiwangsa Hotel team in serving our guests. We are also grateful to all our guests for their support in providing genuine reviews, which further motivates us to strive for continuous improvement and consistency in providing satisfactory service.”

In celebration of this achievement, Adhiwangsa Hotel Solo is offering special promotions throughout May, including the Barbeque Night Market on May 29th, Pooldangan every Friday, and Sounds of Wednesday every Wednesday. For more information and updates on our promotions, visit our Instagram page @adhiwangsahotelsolo.

For further inquiries and fast responses, please contact us at 0877-7701-4999 or follow us on Instagram @adhiwangsahotelsolo.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement and experience the unparalleled hospitality of Adhiwangsa Hotel & Convention Solo. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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